About me

Since 2001, I’ve been professionally building web applications and executing digital campaigns. I’ve been using AWS in production since S3 was first launched as a standalone file server. Today I’m a AWS Certified Solutions Architect and LAMP stack programmer creating applications that have been used by millions of people. I have programmed web tracking, database-driven graphical reporting, and A/B testing interfaces used by hundreds of organizations over the past decade.

I am experienced leading teams of technical and non-technical members, and am a strong writer and public speaker. I can readily analyze, create, and present reports and work with non-technical marketers and content creators to help inform their efforts and resource decisions.

Within the LAMP stack, I’m an advanced PHP programmer and use Drupal and Symfony in production, typically in tandem with AWS Aurora, the MySQL compatible managed database. On the front end I usually deploy twig templating, jQuery, and Bootstrap.

I rely on intergration with a number of online services including Twilio for telephony.

AWS Cloud Architect

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Google Analytics IQ Certified